Speed, Strength, and Conditioning


Sports Training

Rapid Acceleration Programs:

·         4 week program- designed to increase your speed and explosiveness while building functional strength in a competitive training environment. All drills chosen specifically for improvement in their respective sport and designed to increase performance while reducing the risk of injury.
·         8 week elite athlete program- designed for the elite high school athlete and college and professional athletes. Incorporates both speed and strength and condition as well as sport specific training to provide the most comprehensive off-season package that we offer.

·         Speed Training Supplement- intended to provide speed training to compliment the athletes already existing strength and conditioning program Price: dependent on number of session  and is determined on a per session basis.

·         In-season training program- Incorporates flexibility and resistance training in order to decrease muscle fatigue and chance of injury while increasing performance. Performed 2 times per week in 1 hour sessions for the duration of the athlete’s season.

Combine Training Programs:

·         College athlete intensive program- aimed at college level athletes planning to participate in professional combines and/or pro days. Schedule is 4 to 6 hours per day including speed, strength/conditioning, as well as position specific and combine drill training. Limited space to ensure individual attention and maximum results.

·         High School Combine Training Program-prepares high school athletes for recruiting combines that will increase their exposure to college coaches. By providing a 3 day per week, 4 week program that incorporates speed and strength techniques to prepare athletes for Nike training camps, scout.com combines, etc. Can be scheduled based upon combines the athlete plans to attend.

*Stacey Simmons Enterprises LLC will run a series of football combines during the spring targeting high school students. See full description under camps.

Team Training Program:

Stacey Simmons Enterprises will run a speed, strength, and conditioning program at the school over the course of 6 weeks, guaranteed to improve the athleticism of the team. The program will run three days a week for roughly ninety minutes;however it is a rough estimate as we will not cut the workout short based upon time. We will stay until the planned workout is completed! Complete customer satisfaction is our goal!

College Break Package

Allows college students home on break to use our facility for a low, one time fee providing a cost effective solution for their training needs. This fee allows them to use the facility under the stipulation that they must schedule the time block that they plan to use the facility in order to allow our staff to plan our training sessions accordingly. This one time fee will eliminate the need for long term gym contracts and cancelation fees. Also any student who uses our facility for the winter or summer break may use the facility over spring or thanksgiving break free of charge.

* Call (727) 804-0355 or email: info@staceysimmons.com for pricing

Through our unique training program, will utilize Olympic and power lifting as well as extensive core training to strengthen our athletes from the inside out. We use the same techniques as many division I college strength programs and combine them with our own variations meant to increase power output and decrease the risk of injury. Our training methods include flipping tires, pulling sleds, and training in sand in order to increase our athlete’s explosiveness. Pairing these various techniques with the techniques of conventional lifting we have produced a deadly combination. We supplement this strength training with speed training and conditioning sessions aimed at increasing speed and stamina so that our athletes can perform at the highest level. Our Speed, Strength, and Conditioning sessions are brought together in our Rapid Acceleration Program targeting elite athletes. This program is administered by Stacey Simmons with consultation from some of the leading coaches in the industry including the legendary Tom Shaw. We feel that one of our biggest advantages across all of our products is affordability as we aim to make our services accessible to all aspiring student-athletes. As our business expands we will also be able to provide training services to working professionals. 

​​​Stacey Simmons